September 1, 2006

News & Opinion: Getting on The Bestseller List - September 1, 2006

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 2:50 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

So many people watch the bestsellers lists and so many authors want to get on them that I am posting this week's list from The Wall Street Journal. I want to show how hard it is to get on.
  1. Freakonomics
  2. Good To Great
  3. Who Moved My Cheese
  4. Now, Discover Your Strengths
  5. Tipping Point
  6. Good to Great For Social Sectors
  7. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  8. Blink
  9. Little Black Book of Connections
  10. The Long Tail
  11. Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  12. Little Red Book of Selling
  13. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  14. Jim Cramer's Real Money
  15. Small is the New Big

So, Collins has two spots. Gladwell has two spots. Gitomer has two spots. Then add Freakonomics, Who Moved My Cheese, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and Five Dysfunctions. That only leaves a couple of spots. The Long Tail seems like it will be taking one of those spots for the next couple of months. When books do make it, they are other past bestsellers (Real Money, 7 Habits).

Small is the New Big is only real new entry and it will probably drop off in a week or two.

It is really tough.

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