January 19, 2005

News & Opinion: Gunther in local magazine

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 6:29 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Our recent guest Marc Gunther is quoted in this month's Milwaukee Magazine. This doesn't quite match up to Fortune (where he is a senior writer) or Washington Post, but for us it was nice local connection. Here is his part from MM's Best Places to Work article:

One person who's had a chance to see the transformation of modern workplaces up close is Marc Gunther, a senior writers at Fortune magazine and author of the book Faith and Fortune: The Quiet Revolution to Reform American Business. Writing recently in the Washington Post, Gunther praised major corporations for becoming more open with information, signing on to tough codes of conduct for worker health and safety in the Third World and embracing environmentalism and even gay rights in the form of domestic partner benefits for employees.

"These are companies that really view their role as serving - not only serving their customers but serving their employees, serving their communities and serving some sense of the greater good," Gunther said by telephone from his home office in suburban Washington D.C. "During the dot-com era, having a great place to work was about perks - bringing your per to the office or having a concierge to take take your laundry. Now that's a radically different climate. The collapse of the stock market , the corporate scandals and September 11 have all changed the world of work. Now having a great place to work means creating a company where you can have a sense of purpose. It's a company where you can bring your whole self to work, be engaged by the mission the company is pursuing and be passionate about what you do."

Leaders of such companies "are practical utopians - yes," says Gunther. "They are running their companies based on ideas of trust and respect and partnership. In a climate that is so cynical about business, that takes some courage of its own."

Here is the link to the Washington Post article Marc wrote.

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