June 29, 2006

News & Opinion: Have confidence?

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:55 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy

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I think any growing organization or career-achiever will have an inherent advantage, but they did not necessarily start off with itthough they may have developed it along the way as one success leads to another. Clearly, aggressive opportunists will find an edge on the competition. And smart leaders attract smart subordinates, if only out of curiosity to see where this guy is headed. Make no small plans, advises real estate mogul Sam Zell, a billionaire who typifies the aggressive opportunist and has owned or controlled companies across a broad variety of sectors. But I would say almost all achievers have this advantage: they believe in themselves and in what theyre doing. The fact is that most people arent going to wake up some day and be the chief executive of an international company or own millions of square feet of real estate in 20 American cities. But we can all pursue our goals with confidence, and confidence is something that these people all have in abundance. You dont always need a ton of money to get things donethough usually it helpsand you dont have to have established connections or an Ivy League education or flowing locks of silver hair. But if you have the confidence in yourself and what youre doing and where youre headed, you can and will succeed. WE can all work on our confidence, so several interviews explore how that can happen.