October 9, 2007

News & Opinion: How Starbucks Saved My Life Interview with Michael Gates Gill

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 7:03 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

If you haven't heard about Michael Gates Gill, the author of How Starbucks Saved My Life , he's lived a pretty incredible life that was turned completely upside-down. But, he's risen back to the top -- albeit in a much different way than his "old life." It was a real pleasure to speak with him about the value of serving and respecting others. Two points that might seem obvious, but it's a lesson that so many people, like Michael, learn the hard way. Hearing about his experience, and reading his book, are great ways for the rest of us to be more conscious of how we interact with others.
About Michael Gates Gill:
"As a successful creative director for one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, Michael Gates Gill had it all. But in a few short years, he lost his job, divorced, and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. With no money or health insurance Gill took a job at Starbucks where, with the help of an unlikely mentor, he learned the value of hard work, humility, and what it truly means to help another person. In his book, Michael Gates Gill shares how he had it all, lost it all, and was finally redeemed by a new job and an incredible friendship."