July 29, 2005

News & Opinion: How to Write Good

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:07 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Good writing skills are essential for success in business. You are going to write reports for your superiors and they are going to be decisions based on what you have written. You will write a cover letter or two as you move from job to job. On occasion, you may be responsible for send out plans for Happy Hour.

The serious folks will send you to The Elements of Style or On Writing Well. I wanted to suggest an something. Quirk Books has come out with an alternative: How Not To Write: An Office Primer for the Grammatically Perplexed. It is one of those books with a small trim size and you will only have 159 pages to read. Author Terence Denman has given reader 10 sets of tips and myths. One combination is "Chopping Off Your Unwanted Auxiliaries" and "You Can't Have a Comma Before And".

I like the book. It is short and punchy, and you can put the 5 page points to work immediately.