February 8, 2005

News & Opinion: I is for Intercourse

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:12 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

I thought that would get your attention (I can only guess the search engine traffic we'll end up with).
Joking aside, one of the people we met at the Re-Imagine Summit was Susan Bird. She runs a company called wf360 and has a self-published book called I is for Intercourse: The ABC's of Authentic Conversation. From the first page:
The ABC's of Authentic Conversation is an esay-to-use and fun guide that deconstructs the art of conversational intercourse. Each letter provides an insight into navigating the paths that lead to the kind of conversation you'll be thrilled to initiate, and offers a practical hint to help you turn small talk into a big experience.

I really like the book. Rather than a traditional binding, the pages are held together in the upper left corner with a heavy rivet. Each page is a letter in the alphabet starting with A is for Alchemy and ending with Z is for Zip. It is all done in full color with great photography on each page to reinforce the message.
I meant to write about the book sooner (sorry, Susan), but I got an email last week that reminded me. Susan has a great offer going right now to coincide with Valentine's Day. You can order the book from the wf360 Store for discounted price of $14.00 (get it?). The coupon code is CUPID.
It was worth it at full price. Go check it out.
P.S. There is an alternative title available if the title is a little too racy for your organization. The other version is called "Smart Talk: The ABC's of Authentic Conversation".