July 28, 2004

News & Opinion: I wasn't aware of this,

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:44 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

I wasn't aware of this, but Amazon quietly started a program earlier this month encouraging reviewers to reveal their identities. It is called Real Names and the WSJ had an article today [sub. needed] about it. Their reviewer system has been under question for some time. The most notable incident was earlier this year when the Canadian version of Amazon had a gitch and displayed the real identities of all their reviewers. What was found was authors writing glowing reviews of their own books and books written by friends.
I think it is great that Amazon is trying to improve their system. We decided from the start that all of our reviewers would have their identities posted. We chose for the most part to use bloggers, because you can find out a lot about them and their perspective going and reading their blogs.
It's all about trust.