January 10, 2008

News & Opinion: If you want a Seth Godin action figure...

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:28 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

Yes, there's now an action figure of the famous business guru Seth Godin. At a towering 5.375", he'll fit in any cubicle and your suit pocket. He comes with a free prize inside (not the book), a Little Book of Marketing Secrets and special Seth powers. We're doing a special deal. We'll send you a free action figure when you purchase a 10-pack of Seth's newest book, Meatball Sundae. First come, first serve. Meet Seth, the action figure:
Get your own Seth action figure and 10 copies of Meatball Sundae to share. If you haven't seen it yet, Jackie of Creating Customer Evangelists and Citizen Marketers built and tried her own Meatball Sundae. ew.