October 14, 2004

News & Opinion: Inside look at movie tie-ins

By: Jack @ 4:04 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

Thursdays 10-14-04 WSJ has an insightful look at the publishing industry and the lucrative movie tie-ins. It is in the Tracking the Numbers column and they look at Perseus Books and Friday Night Lights, one on my personal favorite sports booksin fact, it is one of my favorite non fiction books. The book reads with a clear voice. You really care for the kids and the tensions of being a Texas high school football player. Riding on the back of the success of the movie Seabiscuitsorry,--the publisher is issuing multiple configurations of the FNL book fourteen years after it was first published. They are publishing hardcover, trade paperback and the mass-market version. The article gave the numbers of books already sold and the number being printed and they are huge. The article is a very interesting look at how a successful movie can make a publisher a ton of money.