May 24, 2006

News & Opinion: Jack's Thoughts on the Book Expo

By: Jack @ 2:36 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

BEA impressions I think this might be the 15th Book Expo America which used to be called American Booksellers Association convention. The convention switches cities each year. In my decrepitude I forget how many shows I have been to but I do know the last time I was in D.C. for a convention Tiananmen Square happened. Chris Andersons The Long Tail will be big. Carlys new book Tough Choices could be good but she is amazingKate, Todd and I spent some face time with her thanks to her publisheralso Bill Taylor of Fast Company fame along with Polly LaBarre have written a book we are excited about called Mavericks at Work. Washington DCs Metro is great. Clean, easy to navigate and the stops seem to be perfectly placedat least for the stops we needed. No cabs for the whole convention. Lots of celebratesLeonard Cohen, I missed him-much to my sadness, Jim Belushi, I saw all over the convention floor. Saw Newt Gingrich, Tim Russert, Sen. Bill Frist and heard that VP Chaney showed up at a party and Rumsfeld showed up also. Some people saw Tracy Ullman. It was a great show for the books that I LIKE to read with galleys of a new Michael Connelly, George Pelecanos, Nelson Demille and a collection of Dylan interviews from Rolling Stone showing up. Next year back in the Big Apple.