December 20, 2005

News & Opinion: Kevin Roberts: New and Improved

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 11:04 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

In January, Saatchi & Saatchi's Kevin Roberts is returning to business books with two titles.

The first is an expanded edition of Lovemarks: the future beyond brands. We have talked alot about this one (see blog search). The main thing you get in the new and improved is an additional chapter called "Diamonds in The Mine". Roberts talks about the shopping experience with the pictures and passion you'd find in the rest of the book.

The second title is a new one called Sisomo: The Future on Screen. The sub-subtitle is "Creating Emotional Connections in The Market with Sight, Sound, and Motion." Here is the first two paragraphs from the introduction:

People have always loved watching screens. We have all felt the attraction. In the early days of television, before we got a set of our own, I remember the fascination of televisions on display in store windows. Like everyone else, I'd stand on the street gazing in at the magic of the moving pictures and feel the future had arrived.

We are now living in that future. The Screen Age. Screens are informing, entertaining, communicating, connecting, transacting, controlling. Screens for every need and purpose. And as these screens spread everywhere in our lives, it is becoming clear that using them with skill and creativity is the solution to the key communications and marketing challenges of our time.

I really like this book. I think it is because it takes the topic and looks at it from lots of angles - profiles of different screens, the myths of television (he says the 30 second spot lives!), storytelling on screens, and examples of folks doing cool things on screens.