March 17, 2005

News & Opinion: Kurt Eichenwald

By: Jack @ 1:58 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Let's start with the truth. I love Kurt Eichenwald's writing. I have read his three books and have loved them. Serpent on the Rock was about Prudential in the 80s, then The Informant about ADM in the 90s. Now he has written THE book on Enronas I have read a fewcalled Conspiracy of Fools. The one thing all three of these books have in common is that they show a side of American business that is seldom seen and shows that side in an almost fictional waybut if it was fiction, I expect Eichenwald would have been sued more than oncewhich he hasnt been. Eichenwald and Ken Lay were on 60 Minutes this Sunday and I got to tell you Ken Lay really gets my blood boiling. I think Eichenwalds title is spot on. Lay is one of the shrewdest people on the planet or a fool. I vote for that later after reading this book. I havent posted anything about Martha Stewart but putting this book and Martha Stewarts recent legal travails together makes you wonder She may have made some money that she shouldnt have but she DIDNT cost anybody much. How many people went on the street unemployed and mutual funds lost huge amounts of money believing this guy and he is still on the streets. Enough ranting! Read this book and enjoy a fascinating yarn.