August 16, 2005

News & Opinion: Last to the Party

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 2:12 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

I think we are the last ones to actually post on The Big Moo (and we are selling it!).

In case you have seen it, Seth Godin has pulled together an outstanding list of thought leaders who each have written a piece for this new book. It is meant to be a follow-up to Purple Cow and continuing the conversation of what it takes to be remarkable.

Each writer has donated their time to the project and all of the proceeds are going to charity.

Seth wants to sell a million copies of the book by the end of the year. He is pre-launching the book with an offer of 50 galley copies of the book for $100. He is very clear about the types of people he wants buying the galleys:

I only want to sell the 50 pack of galleys ($2 a copy) to people who will turn around and give galleys to people in organizations with the will and the ability to pre-order a hundred or more copies of the final hardcover.

This means that if you buy a bunch of galleys and give them to people who don't do anything, you've killed the project and turned me into a publishing pariah.

If, on the other hand, I'm right and every galley turns into 10 or a hundred pre-sales, we just hit a home run.

So if you fit the description, click on this link and get a box of books.

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