March 2, 2006

News & Opinion: Laws of Lifetime Growth by Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura

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Let Go to Grow

Laws of Lifetime Growth Always Make Your Future Bigger Than Your Past
By Dan Sullivan and Catherine Nomura
Berrett-Koehler - March 2006
144 Pages

We are publishing the first chapter to this great little book. Here is the book description from BK:
Compared to Stephen Covey and Tony Robbins as a visionary thinker, Dan Sullivan brings practical, powerful new approaches to success in life and business. The Laws of Lifetime Growth outlines ten "laws" that give readers an internal framework for taking charge of their future. All it takes to use each of these laws is a slight shift in thinking, which anyone -- regardless of age, environment, or stage in life -- can instantly accomplish.

Based on Sullivan's years of coaching in which he discovered what motivates people and unlocks their greatest abilities, The Laws of Lifetime Growth explains how to use such timeless wisdom as "Always make your confidence greater than your comfort" and "Always make your contribution bigger than your reward." Sullivan's laws, startling in their simplicity, show readers how to stay focused and firm so that they can continually grow in all areas of life.

Law One
Always Make Your Future
Bigger Than Your Past

A bigger future is essential for lifetime growth. The past is useful because it is rich with experiences that are worth thinking about in new waysand all of these valuable experiences can become raw material for creating aneven bigger future. Approach your past with this attitude, and you will have an insatiable desire for even better, more enjoyable experiences. Use your past to continually create a bigger future, and you will separate yourself from situations, relationships, and activities that can trap you there.