December 14, 2004

News & Opinion: Life & Business

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 12:57 PM – Filed under: Leadership & Strategy

It's not, strictly speaking, a business book, but the best book I've read this fall is Season of Life by Jeffrey Marx. The subtitle of this touching 177-page volume is "a football star, a boy, a journey to manhood." But you don't have to care about football to enjoy Season of Life, which is, in essence, about leadership. Marx tells the story of Joe Ehrmann, a former Baltimore Colts football star turned minister who now helps to coach a high school team in Baltimore. Ehrman's message for his players is that being a man means learning to love and to be loved, and devoting your life to a cause bigger than yourself. This is a useful message for anyone who wants to lead. Leadership at its best is about love and teaching and serving others. Marx is not a great writer but he has discovered a great character who has a compelling story to tell, with some unexpected twists that I won't give away here.