April 26, 2012

News & Opinion: Live In Wonder

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:12 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

This book is a little different than most. Many business books, even data heavy academic works, attempt to inspire readers on some level. When we read ideas from people who have spent much time, sometimes years, analyzing, researching, interviewing and pondering how to improve work and life, we see the possibilities a bit more clearly. Sometimes even, we realize we had the answers within us all along, but it took the clarity produced by the author's work to help us realize them. And that's sort of how Eric Saperston's new book works. It's called, Live In Wonder: Quests, Quotes & Questions to Jumpstart Your Journey. The word 'jumpstart' in the subtitle is the key here. This book isn't a series of chapters that follow a linear progression through various situations, infused with insightful solutions. This book is all about the reader, and the author merely provides a series of quotes, questions, and inspiring thoughts to help each reader dig through the information in their own heads and find clarity. Though it's a fairly decent sized book, there are not many words. Instead, there is lots of white space where a reader can answer the questions Eric poses in their own words, reflect on important experiences and lessons, and commit in writing to personal goals and aspirations they are working toward. Eric spent four years traveling the country and interviewing some very successful people, each who inspired him by sharing the lessons they learned, and the outlook they now have based on what they've learned, and how they've grown in their personal and professional lives. Those interviews aren't in here, but it's clear to see how the quotes, questions, and ideas Eric has filled this book with are based on many of those conversations. And the way he presents these, it's less about what those individuals can tell us, and more about how we can learn similar lessons in our own unique ways. So yes, this might not be a book for everyone, but it is a book for those who don't want everything spoon fed to them, and aren't afraid to spend the time thinking about what they've learned so far, and making a plan for how to improve what it is they do going forward.