April 6, 2005

News & Opinion: Looking for some feedback...

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:39 PM – Filed under: The Company

I was looking through the web stats for March and found a couple of things that surprised me.

First, when you look at the traffic to the main blog here, this is the split in traffic (by pageviews):

RSS - 45,826 (39.2%)
Main Index - 7,820 (6.7%)
Archives - 63,170 (54.1%)

The interesting thing here is that there are more pageviews of the archives than the current stuff. I have heard of a similar phenomenon on other blogs. Sites end up with alot of traffic from Google with people finding things directly in the archives.

I also thought this may be a function of spamming. We don't have many people using the search on the blog (230 requests). We also don't have an overwhelming amount of links coming in. Thoughts?

The second thing that was very interesting is that the Podcasts blog is more popular than the Excerpts Blog (24,417 vs. 18,209 pageviews). We have only been posting audio content regularly over the last six weeks, so it was surprising to see such a surge in popularity. It is clear people like the content and we will continue to support that.

So my question here is: Do you like the Excerpts Blog? Are there things we could do to make it better?