March 5, 2009

News & Opinion: Lynda Resnick on Charlie Rose

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:50 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

When Lynda Resnick sent us advanced reading copies of her new book, Rubies in the Orchard: How to Uncover the Hidden Gems in Your Business, she didn't just put them put them in one of the many bubble mailers or publisher boxes we're flooded with every day. She placed them amongst pomegranate goodies, Fiji Water and other products she's marketed over the years in one of the nicest care packages we've ever received, all nicely presented in a wicker basket. She is, to be sure, a masterful marketer, and she sat down with Charlie Rose recently to share some of her secrets. If you like what you hear, check out her book for more of the same.