November 16, 2006

News & Opinion: Make A Wish… Or Three

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Imagine that you had a magic lamp and a genie came out of it and granted you three wishes for your brand or new product. This is not I want it to be a billion dollar business or I wish for all of my competition to disappear. This is, If your brand could accomplish any three things, what would they be? By asking this, you understant the expectations of a project right at the beginning of it.
If you happen to have a real brand challenge in mind, this might be a good time to write down your own Three Wishes. If you dont have a specific product in mind, use something on your desk or within your eyesight for right now. It could be a cell pjpme, your favorite pair of jeans, a paper clip, your chair, your cat, the HVAC system in your homeanything. Me? Ill choose a stapler. Now once youve chosen your product, go ahead and give it Three Wishes. How about a new brand name? Maybe you want to create new line extensions of the brand or product you selected? Are you looking for the new form, design, package or shape for your object? Write it down and write your wish list for your product.
Here are the Three Wishes for my stapler:
  1. I want to make it hipper than the standard Swingline black-armed version.
  2. I want to be able to charge more for a nicer design.
  3. It should be easier to load staples and to actually use than the current fare.

Although this may seem like a pedantic and limiting step to take, approaching brands creatively requires discipline and focus above all else. So if you start with a clear understanding of what you are looking for and work within the tight restraints of your promise or idea, you will not be overwhelmed by all the possibilities, and youll have a much better chance at arriving at a great brand solution.
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By Lynn Altman