April 21, 2010

News & Opinion: Making Ideas Happen on inBubbleWrap

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:21 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

If you haven't been keeping up with Sally over on inBubbleWrap, I humbly recommend you start doing so. And this week would be a good time to start, because she is giving away Scott Belsky's wonderful new book, Making Ideas Happen: Overcoming the Obstacles Between Vision and Reality. She named her post "Making Your Dreams Real," which may sound hyperbolic, but if you're a creative person (whether you're starting a business or a novel) you know that "Making Ideas Happen" really is "Making Your Dreams Real." After acknowledging the title may sound "a little like claiming that unicorns really do exist and frolic happily at the end of every rainbow," Sally, like Scott Belsky does in the book, gets into the details on how we go about riding those unicorns:
"When discussing execution, Belsky explains that most people lose interest when they hit a 'project plateau.' 'We know we're on the plateau when we are overwhelmed with Action Steps and can see no end in sight.' He counsels that this is when most of us get lured away by a new idea, when really developing endurance is the key to surviving the plateau. Setting up identifiable constraints helps rein in our creativity while still building and sustaining energy. Other guidelines: Make progress obvious and limit your 'Insecurity Work' which is that tendency to check results early and often, looking for assurance, but a lack of immediate feedback can take the wind out of your sails."
That's just a taste of the great ideas you'll find in Belsky's book,* and a sample of the great writing you'll find on inBubbleWrap. So, head on over for the free copy of Making Ideas Happen, and stay for the elegant writing. *If you'd like more, you'll find his manifesto, What the Creative World Needs Now ... on ChangeThis.