February 8, 2008

News & Opinion: Medici Effect Available For Free Online

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:46 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

Frans Johansson's Medici Effect is now available for free as a pdf download from his website.

It is an interesting experiment for him and his publisher Harvard Business School Press to see if you can give it away and improve sales of a two and a half year old book. Love seeing this kind of experimentation.

Frans wrote a series of posts filling in for us in September 2004 introducing everyone to the book, what sucks about business books, and what he was reading:

9/13/04 -The Medici Effect
9/13/04 -As Summer Fades Away...
9/14/04 -Inside The Medici Effect
9/15/04 -The Style of Writing
9/15/04 -#1: Business Books are often too long
9/16/04 -#2: Example are too well-known
9/17/04 -Unfair Advantage and The Apprentice
9/17/04 -#3: They are often dry
9/17/04 - #4: The Main Point Keeps Getting Repeated
9/19/04 - Some New Books