July 24, 2007

News & Opinion: Meet Jon and Dylan.

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 2:38 PM – Filed under: The Company

You'll probably see these two wandering around here and changing our world for the better. I thought we should properly introduce them.

Meet Dylan

Dylan has been here for nearly five years and recently moved over to our marketing side. You'll see his name pop up on blog entries (rumor has it, one will appear soon) and various other places. If you ever saw our annual report (link to a large pdf version**), he's the talent behind the illustrations. What else should you know about him? He collects books, loves baseball, is one of the three Schleicher brothers here, and rides his bicycle everywhere.
Meet Jon
Jon came to us from a media technology company just north of us. He's been here nearly a month and is already an accomplished rubber band shooter (well, almost). We're glad he's here. He's joining Aaron (another of the three Schleichers) over in our author services. In his spare time, you can probably find him over here or maybe here.
If you do run into them, feel free to say hello. They have both added a bit more magic to our crew.
**If you'd like a printed version of our annual report, drop me a note kate[at]