June 14, 2006

News & Opinion: More Love for More Than You Know

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 8:20 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The Wall Street Journal shows their love for More Than You Know today. Here is a piece:

Delightful examples follow from a variety of disciplines. The short period over which the average company can sustain a competitive advantage is likened to the lifespan of a fruit fly. The fatal risks of imitation by money managers are illustrated by ants who tend to follow one another in an endless circle, marching on and on until death. Mr. Mauboussin explains how Tupperware parties, where people buy lots more stuff than they need, provide important lessons for stock-market investors; how Tiger Woods's decision to change his golf swing even when he was winning reflects the "fitness landscapes" concept in evolutionary biology; and why gambling legend Puggy Pearson can help you be a better investor ("Ain't only three things to gambling: Knowin' the 60-40 end of a proposition, money management, and knowin' yourself").

What is also great about the review is the author--Burton Malkiel. He is the author of a different book you should be familiar with--A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

Jack and I both highly recommend this book.