January 12, 2005

News & Opinion: More on the importance of customers

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 5:04 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Jack put up the quote on Monday from the new Peppers/Rogers book and Tom had the Drucker quotes yesterday. Both of those reminded me of a slide from the Tom Peters Re-Imagine Summit in December.

Tom was on kick about strategy and the put-up a slide about Hardball by George Stalk and Rob Lachenauer. The mantra of the book is "The winners in business have always played hardball" and like any business book, there are four things that illustrate the strategy.

"Unleash massive and overwhelming force."
"Exploit anomalies."
"Threaten your competitor's profit sanctuaries."
"Entice your competitor into retreat."

To make a point, Tom went to the index of the book looking for some words. Out of the ~640 index entries:
  • Number of entries with the word customer (also included service, retention, and loyalty) - 4
  • Number of entries with the work people (also included employees, motivation, worker(s) - 0
  • Number of entries with the word innovation (also included product development, research & development, new products) - 0
We have written alot on Hardball. If you want out find out more about the book, you can check out the entries here and the excerpt here.