March 21, 2005


By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:30 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

There are a handful of books you have to read every year. Blink was the first one this year.

I think A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink is the second.

Pink proposes that the world is changing. We are moving from a left-brained, analytical society to a right-brained conceptual one. His piece in Wired two months ago lays out the the factors that are going to lead to this shift - Abundence, Asia, and Automation.

From there, he lays out the six senses you need to explore and develop to succeed in the Conceptual Age:

  • Design
  • Story
  • Symphony
  • Empathy
  • Play
  • Meaning

In each sense chapter, he has great stories on why each of these is important. What is even better is that every chapter ends with a portfolio of activities to improve that particular sense. We will be sampling these activities on the Excerpts blog.

This is one of those books that talks about where the world is going. It is very much like Free Agent Nation in that respect. This is a book you are going to be nodding your head as you read. You are already seeing signs of what Dan is talking about. For some, I think it is going to be really exciting book and another book that gives people permission to pursue the life they want to lead. I think it is that powerful.