August 31, 2005

News & Opinion: My favorite bit of Dusenberry

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:35 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

In a rare turn of events, Jack, Tom, and I all like the same book at the same time. There really is something different about Then We Set His Hair On Fire. Phil has seen alot and has found a great way of telling people about it. Here is my favorite bit:
In this book I have stressed the difference between ideas and insights. Ideas are a dime a dozen; anyone can have them. They can be good or bad ideas, saving your hide in some cases, wasting your time in others. The best thing about a good idea is that it forces you to act. Insight is rarer, and infinitely more precious. A strong insight can fuel a thousand ideas, a thousand reasons to act and make something happen. That, more than anything, should be your reason to fight and persevere for your own insight moment. When you are armed with a powerful insight, the ideas never stop flowing.