August 18, 2004

News & Opinion: My Job

By: Jack @ 4:14 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

There are many joys in my job. One of the real treats is meeting the authors and publishers. This week I got to be involved in two interviewsthat will shortly be posted on this blogwith two guys that I have respected for quite awhile. Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy are fascinating guys. Just wait until you read what they have to say about their forthcoming book Confronting Reality. I think it is going to be as big at Execution. Trust me, these guys have a lot of very interesting stuff to say. I also want to thank Tom Ehrenfeld for all of his help with the interviews.
Next week I will be going to meet publishers, agents and PR people in NYC. I love the city, especially when somebody else is paying, but historically I always seem to try to cram to much into the time I have. As I gracefully age, I am learning and I am going to take it easy this trip. It is also getting easier to do just that as publishers continue to consolidate and the cream continues to rise to the top. I can skip certain publishers and concentrate only on the best.
The reason I go is to try and get a feel for what books are really resonating in the marketplace this Fall. Often times a book that a publisher gave a two page catalog listingwhich means high hopesdoesnt sell well to the book buyers and a title that only got a half page really sold well. That is information that I like to have and compare to my thoughts on the books. I also get to sit in on some acquisition meetings where editors decide what book proposals they will acquire for the Fall of 05.