June 28, 2004

News & Opinion: My Secret Fantasy

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 6:12 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

No, it doesn't involve entering the Indy 500 or walking the Red Carpet bedecked in Jewels. Or even inventing a new technology that would have me the envy of the tech world. I have loved the concept of blogging since it began. But, alas and alack, I felt I had neither the techie skills nor the outlet for my Irreverent RoAne not -so- secret side.
Thanks to Jack Covert, who has been so dear, gracious and supportive, my fantasy is now a reality. The idea of sharing ideas and learning of others from a community of my choice and one that I respect, is so appealing. 800CEOREAD is a treasure in so many ways and the blog op is just one more jewel in the crown.
How did I learn about Jack and 800CEOREAD? As you would suspect, as a result of a conversation with an author friend who is open, helpful and a great networker... Robert Spector. When he tells me to 'check something out' I do! That's what friends are for!

About Dylan Schleicher

Dylan Schleicher has been a part of the 800-CEO-READ claque since 2003. Even though he's stayed on at the company, he has not stayed put. After beginning in shipping & receiving, he joined customer service and accounting before moving into his current, highly elliptical orbit of duties overseeing the ChangeThis and In the Books websites, the company's annual review of books and in-house design. He lives with his wife and two children in the Washington Heights neighborhood on Milwaukee's West Side.