March 31, 2005

News & Opinion: Nation of Rebels Review

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 5:21 PM – Filed under: Current Events & Public Affairs

I have been intrigued by Nation of Rebels by Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter. I have only had time to read the introduction. While looking through my new copy of Paste Magazine, I noticed they did a review. This was written by Phillip Christman:
Fallen hippies trading in their Volkswagens for SUVs. To most of us it's very emblem of a sellout, but to Canadian philosophy professors Joseph Heath and Andrew Potter, authors of the provocative Nation of Rebels, it's a logical progression. The book charges that by attempting to build a counterculture through purchases of "alternative" goods (VW bugs then, Range Rovers now), political radicals have turned their backs on unsexy-but-concrete ways of fighting injustice through the legislative process, while strengthening the power of consumerism (after all, someone made money off all those piles of Adbusters issues and rebel-fashion-accessories at the bottom of their closets). Wrong as much as it's right (the authors seem to think organic food is a showoff luxury item--preserving topsoil ain't a luxury, fellas), this book deserves a careful read.

If you pick up Issue 15, you will get a sampler CD with tracks from Aimee Mann, Glen Phillips (of Toad the Wet Sprocket fame), and Ani DiFranco. I subscribe just to get the great sampling of new music. They also have a sampler DVD in this issue.