May 7, 2008

News & Opinion: New Excerpt Up - The Power of Adversity

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 7:00 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

We have a new excerpt up on the Excerpts blog, from chapters 2 and 9 in The Power of Adversity: Tough Times Can Make You Stronger, Wiser, and Better by Al Weatherhead with Fred Feldman. Weatherhead says adversity is not a curse but a gift and that when we embrace our problems we temper and empower ourselves to achieve unimagined success.

Problem Solving Is One of the Great Joys in Life (from Chapter Nine)
Harnessing with relentless passion the infinite power of adversity has led me to stunning revelations. Before adversity struck, I was preoccupied with false impressions of personal appearance and grandiosity. Adversity beat out of me self-delusion and stripped me of false vanities. And as I began to understand my own suffering, I began to view life with new eyes.
For example, I came to see that Weatherchem, my plastic cap and closure company, was alive. It is not merely a place built of concrete, steel, machinery, and motion, but a living, breathing entity pulsating with energy and in possession of a soul. When I am in my factory and listening closely, I can hear its heartbeat, and not just in the rhythms of its machinery but individually and collectively from the people who work within its walls.

Here's a direct link to the excerpt:

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