August 18, 2006

News & Opinion: New Gitomer - The Little Black Book of Connections

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 8:38 PM – Filed under: Big Ideas & New Perspectives, Management & Workplace Culture, Personal Development & Human Behavior

Jeffrey Gitomer has released his newest book The Little Black Book of Connections. It made the WSJ bestseller list today at #15. As I was looking around for information about the book online, I found things to be pretty sparse. The standard book description reads:
A fresh take on networking your way to success. The book is small, the cover classic black cloth - full of edgy, witty,and practical resources.

There is nothing on Gitomer's site right now.

I did find one blog had reviewed it, after the buying the book while on vacation.

With so little available on the book, I thought I could at least give you the table of contents.

Table of Contents
Asset 1 - Who Do I know?
Asset 2 - What Do I Want?
Asset 3 - What Do I Do?
Asset 4 - How Do I Connect?
Asset 5 - Who Knows You?
Asset 6 - The Secret Power of Connections
Asset 6.5 - The Value of Connections

If you want to sum up the book, I think you can get it in Jeffery Gitomer's Universal Truth of Connecting:
If you make yourself valuable, and memorable, others will want to make you part of their network.

If you liked his other books, you'll be a fan of this one and you may want to save some money in your fall book budget. In November, The Little Gold Book of Yes! Attitude will be hitting bookstores.

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