May 6, 2008

News & Opinion: New Version of Gitomer's Sales Bible

By: Jack @ 3:22 PM – Filed under: Big Ideas & New Perspectives

When the Sales Bible first came out from William Morrow in the 1994, it got a slow start. I was selling it with some success in the bookstore and Jeffrey Gitomer called to see what I was doing. I told him it was nothing in particular, just that I had found it very helpful and was suggesting it to many of our customers.

When Jeffrey created the proposal for the paperback edition and took it to Wiley, he asked me for a quote. When the book came out, I was shocked they had taken my words:

"Every once in a while ONE book defines a category."
--Jack Covert, 800-CEO-READ

and pasted them across the top of the book.

A new, new edition of The Sales Bible is being released today and you won't find my quote on the front cover anymore. The book has been redesigned to match the other titles in his "The Little Book..." series. The folded over info piece on the book still contains my quote, it's just on the back now.

One other note: if you order the book today from Amazon, Jeffrey has put together a whole pile of free giveaways from other authors.