September 30, 2004

News & Opinion: Not For Everyone

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 3:51 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales, The Company

Rich from Hello_World wrote a post a couple of days ago about our Art of the Start Pitch Kit. He believes it is not very original. Others have left comments on the post voicing similar thoughts.
First, let me say I love the blogsphere because you can quickly see what people think of what you are doing.
My only response would be to give you a little history and the results. Guy K. came to us with the idea. He has friends at Sandisk and was able to put together the deal. Guy thought the flash drive would go great with the book. The idea was simple - the flash drive was meant to give you a place to store important files.
We loved the idea. We figured if people wanted the book, they could easily go to Amazon. The Pitch Kit gave something a little different to offer customers. And do the math. People are getting the flash drive at about 2/3 off what you would pay retail.
We have sold over 350 Pitch Kits to date. To be honest, we thought it would be more. The upside is that the offer still has legs and we continue to take orders every day. The other thing to consider is the market. As I have said before, most business titles don't sell more than a couple thousand copies.
All things considered, we are happy with the offer and how it has been received.