November 11, 2005

News & Opinion: Oops. I forgot to mention...

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:17 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

The other day I wrote about the latest ChangeThis manifestos. (Haven't heard about ChangeThis? Learn more.) This morning, Todd and I chatted about how ChangeThis is coming along. I found out that a lot of people may not realize that the manifesto (definition below) writers are many times just people who have something to say. The writers can be anyone from that guy who works the grocery story cash register to the local soccer mom. This month's releases were ALL slushpile manifestos -- meaning that they were voted upon by ChangeThis visitors and ranked in the top few proposals for that month.
The ideas featured in manifestos are typically the things that just sit there and ferment in someone's brain. I imagine you have many of those ideas just sitting there waiting to be heard or perhaps you know a friend who has an innovative idea about how to solve the world's problems or something else that's particularly witty. If so, check out ChangeThis's submit a proposal page.
Not quite ready to submit a proposal or write a manifesto? Vote on the current manifesto proposals.
Manifesto: the place people store and expound upon their ideas --
shorter than your average book but longer than most magazine articles.