August 1, 2006

News & Opinion: Open Source and Business

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:20 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

I don't know of you have the same problem, but I am struggling with the idea of open source in business. I see the programming applications completely and I understand all the things going on in social media. Rob at Businesspundit seems to have similar concerns. It still has me thinking hard about how this is going to effect the typical business.

Bill Taylor and Polly LaBarre (both of Fast Company fame) have a new book due out in the fall called Mavericks At Work. Open source ideals and their application in business is one theme they cover. Their writing has gotten me closer to getting it.
In a world being reshaped by massively networked innovation, the strategic challenge is to design products that "get smarter the more people use them"--and to design companies with which smart people want to interact.

I like that thought alot. Check out LIbrary Journal. This is exactly what they are talking about. It is del.ici.ous for books. You put in all the books you have on your shelves and it will tell you all sorts of things ranging from who else them to what else you might want to read.

They strongly recommend Tim O'Reilly's The Open-Source Paradigm Shift to get you thinking more in the right direction.