September 22, 2005

News & Opinion: Out of the Box Marketing

By: Jack @ 7:42 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

One of the first things I look at in a new book is the Intro or the Forward. A January 2006 book called Out of the Box Marketing has a great story about looking around before throwing money at a project.
Check this out:
American astronauts upon first going into space soon discovered that their pens didnt work in zero gravity. So NASA embarked upon a program to invent a writing instrument that would work in outer space. After spending millions of dollars and burning thousands of man hours on research and engineering, they finally developed a "pump pen" that could write anything, anywhere, at any angle.
Meanwhile, in the secret laboratories behind the Iron Curtain, Soviet Union scientists casually took note of the researches of their American counterparts. They spent almost no time and no money solving this problematic dilemma. They already had the answer, their cosmonauts usedpencils.

I have only seen this part of the book but can tell you that I look forward to seeing more.