August 4, 2004

News & Opinion: OVERworking The Room

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:10 AM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

On the mingling vs. Networking front, there is a misconception about the definition of 'working a room'. What some people describe as inappropriate behavior at business events is that of "over" working the room that is done by too many people who confuse sales and networking and are blinded by their goals. You may have met some of those people; I know I have.
Working a room is always about communicating with the people we know and meeting new people, building rapport and doing that which contributes to an ongoing relationship. And neither mingling nor networking is defined as 'sales' although our sales careers can be enhanced by our abilities to meet, mingle, make conversation and create a connection with potential clients, colleagues and cronies and the myriad 'matchmakers' who refer us to them.
The people who really know how to work a rooom don't even know they are doing it ... they just make us feel welcomed, comfortable and interesting and they never overwork us or work us over.
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