September 2, 2005

News & Opinion: Pre-Labor Day Reflections

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 9:33 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

I must tell you about this fabulous place to eat in Milwaukee called Conejitos Place.
The food was great and while the atmosphere was not that of the Ritz, it fits the environment perfectly. Conejitos is a hole-in-the-wall that all the locals visit. Last night, Todd and I were introduced to its glory by our seven fellow members of the 800-CEO-READ family.
I must admit I was impressed. Perhaps it was the plastic rabbits (conejitos translates to rabbits in Spanish) displayed throughout the restaurant, the food served upon paper plates or maybe that every meal is under $5 (and other than going to McDonalds that is a hard price by which to come). Looking back, I think it was the above three in conjunction with the people by whom I was surrounded.
I have been employed by 800-CEO-READ for nearly a month now and while I still have a lot to learn (just ask Jack and Todd), I have discovered that 800-CEO-READs people are by far what makes our company fantastic (Yes, I am biased). It is literally a family of great, caring people. I am continuously amazed by everyone here; each person brings something extra to the table.
And yet while I write this and know how lucky I am, I cannot stop thinking about whats going on in Katrinas wake. Earlier this morning, we were shipping out books to various places around the worldmany addressed to the Louisiana/Mississippi/Alabama area. The eerie part of doing this mailing was pulling out the envelopes addressed to the areas ravaged by Katrina and saving them until further notice.
I cannot imagine the current state of being that Katrinas victims are facing. I cannot imagine being unable to run to the water faucet for drinkable water, to the local grocery store for food, or to my apartment for shelter. I cannot imagine the devastation and wreckage caused both physically and mentally to our fellow Americans.
So to mirror Jacks post from earlier this week, I encourage you to give what you can (time, money, whatever you can) to help those affected by Katrina. Some links associated with this disaster: The American Red Cross and USPS (view this site for information on affected ZIP codes and how it affects direct mailing; while it may not seem like much, it is something).