May 7, 2007

News & Opinion: Publicity and no book.

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:01 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry

Mignon Fogarty, of the popular podcast Grammar Girl, is writing a book due out next year through Henry Holt & Company. Typically in the publishing world, a book precedes the audiobook (or in some cases is released simultaneously).
For Mignon, this wasn't the case. Oprah called, booked her for a show and Mignon and her publisher sped to produce an audiobook before the show aired. After the show, the audiobook quickly rose to the number one spot on iTunes.
As John Sterling, the president and publisher of Henry Holt put it:
“We didn’t break out Champagne because we weren’t selling tens of thousands, but we certainly broke out the sparkling water. We are accustomed to working with product cycles one measures in months, but in this case we were working with a product cycle of days and even hours.