April 6, 2007

News & Opinion: Publisher's Weekly 2006 Bestsellers - The Business Slice

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 3:09 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Every year, Publisher Weekly runs lists of the bestsellers from various genre (fiction, non-fiction, paperback). What is different about this list is you can see the number of copies sold.

I ran down through the non-fiction list to pull out all the business titles that sold more than 100,000 copies. You often see personal finance books show up on the bestsellers lists so I included those, as well as, a couple of crossover titles they I thought you might be interested in.

9. The World Is Flat (Friedman) - 869,610 copies
12. Freakonomics (Levitt/Dubner) - 697,848 copies
21. Why We Want You To Be Rich (Trump/Kiyosaki) - 490,000 copies
31. Jim Cramer's Mad Money (Cramer) - 360,000 copies(#)
38. Blink (Gladwell) - 317,303 copies
48. Jim Cramers' Real Money (Cramer) - 262,000 copies(#)
63. Rule #1 (Town) - 203,512 copies
66. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind (Eker) - 199,000 copies
72. The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner (Bach) - 178,000 copies
88. The Blind Side (Lewis) - 148,000 copies
100. The Long Tail (Anderson) - 130,427 copies
101. Social Intelligence (Goleman) - 130,000 copies(#)
109. The 360 Degree Leader (Maxwell) - 119,339 copies
120. Our Iceberg Is Melting (Kotter) - 107,621 copies
126. Everyday Greatness (Covey) - 102,438 copies
127. War on the Middle Class (Dobbs) - 102,248 copies
132. Stumbling on Happiness (Gilbert) - 100,000 copies(#)

The only title that caught my attention on the paperback list was The Tipping Point which sold 611,797 copies in 2006.

Other items of note:

  • Da Vinci Code sold 7.5 million copies in trade and mass market paperback.
  • For One More Day (Mitch Albom) led the fiction list with 2,735,000 copies sold.
  • The Innocent Man (the first nonfiction book for John Grisham) came in the number one spot with 2,192,00 copies sold.

(#) - Sales figures were submitted to PW in confidence, for use in placing titles on the lists. Numbers shown are rounded down to indicate relationships to sales figures for other titles.

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