January 5, 2007

News & Opinion: Re: Go help Guy.

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 8:32 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Back in December Guy Kawasaki asked the masses for help in naming his next book.
Here are some of the ideas. You'll find everything from plays off of country songs: Save a Horse, Ride a Kawasaki; to literal interpretations: Knowledge Transfer; and a follow-up to The Art of the Start, The Art of the Finish.
A few weeks back, a few of us in the office had a discussion on titles vs. subtitles and how often subtitles clarify the purpose of the book. Sam Decker points out that this holds true for Guy's list. He went a step further to summarize and categorize each of the 116 subtitles into six common themes:
  • Is this business a good idea?

  • The future (will it be a good idea) (i.e. What is Web 5.0?)

  • How to get inspiration to get started (i.e. inspirational tales and advice to start a company)

  • Practical entrepreneurial tips -- raising money, spending money, finding partner, hiring engineering, etc.

  • How to create demand in this new market of supply

  • Globalization

  • The life lessons of Guy

I wonder what trends would appear if subtitles in each subject were aggregated and summarized. Who's ready to take on a project? :)

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