December 13, 2004

News & Opinion: Re-Imagine Summit - Saturday Afternoon Session

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Are you hiring poets, musicians, and artists for your organizations?

The MFA is the new MBA -Dan Pink

White collars jobs are being eliminated. They are being replaced by Asians and automation.

No one has studied professional services firms.

"Only the constant pursuit of innovation can ensure long-term success" - Daniel Muzyka, Dean Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia


Bob Stone reinvented government. Read Lessons from the Uncivil Servant.

We had an exercise where we were asked to figure out one part of your business that you need to re-imagine. we talked with people at our table and came up with a consensus question.

Here were the topics:

1. Revitalizing HR in order to differentiate their brand internally first then externally to customers with the goal of fast prototyping innovative change

2. Sell new wildly wacky ideas to people that would otherwise be resistant.

3. How can we take your core competency, your frame of reference and your strengths and build on them to provide more opportunity (Re-invent to build on our strengths and transform our industry?). [this one was from our table]

4. Within an existing organization or a start-up - how do you create structure to execute entrepreneurism without losing the entrepreneurial spirit?

5. This is a business that is taking a non traditional approach in a traditional industry-banking... They're perpetually re-imagining the business at the store level. How to add value added services at the store level that reinforce and differentiate a "convenience brand". In a highly regulated environment?

6. How do you encourage, protect and retain young high potential crazies in a large traditional organization?

7. How can we use alliances to extend our products without harming our brand or focus?

8. How do I gain converts in the face of changing markets, employees, brand, technologies? How do I find that catalyzing agent?

9. How to transform a traditional, conservative change averse organization for example hospital university into an organization that is entrepreneurial savvy change friendly and demostrate this through focus on results?

Tom spent a couple hours talking through these.

Michael Dell has a yellow toy bulldozer sitting on his desk. It is there to remind him not to roll over ideas that his staff brings.