December 13, 2004

News & Opinion: Re-Imagine Summit - Sunday Morning Session

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How do you keep crazies? The only way is with hard work. Go find them. Spend political capital to protect them. Put them in positions beyond their ability.

Hire for attitude. Train for skill.

Tom says Crucial Confrontations by Kerry Patterson, et al is the best business book of 2004.

The One Trillion Dollar Opportunity - Women, boomers, and geezers

Women - this talk was given by Marti Barletta (Marketing to Women)

Overlooked Opportunity

1 in 4 Households are headed by single female

Women's income is up 63% in the last 20 year, men's income has essentially stayed flat

2003 - In 30% of households, women outearn men

50% of law degrees and 46% Medical degress are earned by women

Women are chief purchasing officer in household:
-53% of investment decisions
-55% of consumer electronics
-66% of computers
-68% of new cars

Women own 40% of businesses and start 70% of new businesses in the last decade

Men prioritize, women maximize

Men analyze, Women synthesize

Men want a good solution, women want the perfect solution

Men are individuals, women consider them a part of peer groups

Wasn't able to take good notes on David Wolfe's speech check his book Ageless Marketing and his blog.