June 8, 2005

News & Opinion: Reading the Future

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 6:39 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Joel Barker has a new book coming out this month called Five Regions of the Future. Barker is a futurist and in this book, he has divided technology into five families. He says each family has its own values, advantages and disadvantages.

What caught our attention was a list of publications at the end of book. These are periodicals you should be reading to keep up with what is coming next. They are listed in order of importance:
  1. The New Scientist
  2. Popular Science
  3. Mother Earth News
  4. Science News
  5. The Economist
  6. World Watch
  7. The Christian Science Monitor
  9. Atlantic Monthly
  10. Tufts Health Letter
  11. Business Week
  12. Popular Mechanics
  13. Technology Review
  14. Fast Company
  15. Scientific American
  16. Mother Jones
  17. Industry Week
  18. Wired
  19. The Wall Street Journal
  20. Business 2.0
  21. Fortune
  22. Science
  23. The Futurist
  24. Utne Reader
  25. Newsweek
  26. Yes!
  27. Forbes
  28. New York Times Sunday Edition
  29. Invention & Technology
  30. Foreign Affairs
  31. Discover
  32. Air & Space
  33. Motor Trend
  34. Car and Driver
  35. EAA

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