December 21, 2005

News & Opinion: Reminiscing about 2005 (from August on) and business thoughts

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 6:00 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Here we are, a few days from Santa's visit and 1.5 weeks away from ringing in 2006. As promised by Todd earlier this week, here is my Best of 2005.
Let's start with the beginning -- or at least, my beginning here at 8cr. I started in early August and have since learned a lot (don't tell Jack and Todd!).
As I imagine is true for everyone, a lot has gone on in the past 4+ months. Some of the highlights include:
  • LAUNCH: Our launching of inBubbleWrap -- a new "business thought" giveaway site. It started with an inspiration, turned into an idea, and eventually become reality. I just wish I could legally enter contests, especially this contest. Okay. I still can't enter legally -- luckily, you can.

  • TAKEOVER: Another major event of our year is taking over ChangeThis. This was something I was excited about even when interviewing with Jack, Todd and Sally. I love the idea behind ChangeThis -- the idea of ideas manifesting and then turning them into manifestos for the world to see. Here are a few of my favorite manifestos (from August through now):
    • Speak Softly -- Ira re-defines humbleness as an important virtue and encourages people to become more humble

    • The Creative Generalist -- I found the message in this manifesto to be unique because lately (at least in my lifetime) it seems that people are trained, taught and begin to have what I will call "tunnel-think". We're all specialists of some sort -- brain surgeons, early-childhood development teachers, history of Africa professors, marketing majors, etc., etc. There's so much to know that we've started to concentrate on each slice of the pie rather than the pie as a whole. Yes, there is an emphasis on looking at the big picture but perhaps, we need to be trained to look at the bigger picture. In his manifesto, Steve is basically explaining that we need to return to thinking broadly.

  • PODCAST: Each month we try to do a few podcasts which are typically audio book excerpts or interviews with interesting people. My favorite two podcasts:
    1. Todd's interview with Kevin Carroll (author of Rules of the Red Rubber Ball). It's a Q&A session about finding your red rubber ball -- i.e. your passion. The book is great, quick, and easy read.

    2. A clip from Confessions of an Economic Hitman. The idea, alone, is very captivating.

  • READ: Two of my favorite books from 2005 are Radical Careering and Let My People Go Surfing. The first being a cutting-edge designed book on jumpstarting your career and life (for a preview, check out Sally's manifesto) and the latter written by Yvon Chouinard on the beginnings of Patagonia. Personally, I love the adventure stories as they remind me of my week in Switzerland (but that's another story).

I'll stop there. What have been your favorite books, manifestos, podcasts, excerpts and/or _______ of 2005?