April 19, 2006

News & Opinion: Saccharine and Bandages

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 5:10 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Every week the mailman delivers one of my favorite magazines -- The Week. It basically takes all the information in U.S. and international newspapers and combines them into one 40-page weekly magazine. It covers both sides of every issue with support from various newspapers.
Last week's edition reviewed two business-y books:
  1. Sweet and Low

    Rich Cohen tells the unofficial story of the famous sweetener's inventor--Rich is his disinherited grandson.As he says, "Sweet'N'Low was a dream come true, until the fortune tore the family apart." The Wall Street Journal quipped, "'What Moby-Dick did for whaling, what The Jungle did for meatpacking,' Cohen has done for the saccharine industry." The New York Times said that the book is "'part tragedy, part farce,' and surely will be regarded as 'a small classic of familial triumph, travail, and strife.'" Just check out the comic book-esque cover.

  2. Apex Hides the Hurt
    It's the story of "a marketing consultant [that] best known for rebranding." The consultant is hired to renname the town. According to the Chicago Tribune, the author is a "brilliant guide to our culture" and ventures into whether "names are most effectively used to 'reflect some underlying truth' or as 'vehicles for unlimited reinvention.'"

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