May 5, 2005

News & Opinion: Save meaningful content, win valuable customers

By: 800-CEO-READ @ 4:46 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

We contemporary marketers face an unusual dilemma: To successfully market products and services to our audiences, we often have to write copy that isnt overtly marketing or selling anything. Why is this so? Growing privacy concerns have led to the prevalence of permission marketing. To get your audiences permission to talk to them, you have to say things they genuinely want to hear -- you need to deliver information they value. Media fragmentation has diminished the value of traditional brand advertising venues. Public relations is seizing a greater share of the brand-building work once claimed by advertising. But if you want to use the media to get the word out, you better have good stories to tell. The Web is grabbing more visitors, more often. The Web, however, is not a broadcasting medium that scatters your message to millions; it works, instead, through the power of attraction. That means your site needs content that draws and holds your audiences attention. (Do your job really well and youll attract hyperlinks to your content, which will elevate your search engine rankings as well.) Sooo . . . where is this great content going to come from? What are you doing to feed the growing hunger for information? Next post: A few good ideas . . .