January 19, 2016

News & Opinion: Scenes from the 2015 800-CEO-READ Business Book Awards and Industry Party

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 12:30 PM – Filed under: Publishing Industry, The Company

On January 14th, we met with friends and colleagues at the Bryant Park Hotel's Cellar Bar to celebrate a great year in business books and announce our two biggest awards of the year—The 2015 800-CEO-READ Business Book of the Year and the Jack Covert Award for Contribution to the Business Book Industry.

We know that the work done by the people in the room at these events is what makes the work we're able to do possible. That is why we expend so much effort to get to New Yok once a year, recognize that work, and throw them one hell of a party. As you can see in the photos below, a good time was had by all. (If you'd like, you can view the photos individually and tag yourself on Facebook.)

Drinks, h'ordeuvres, and desserts were passed, new relationships were made and old ones strengthened, and eventually it came time for our peerless leader Sally Haldorson to step up to the microphone and announce what we believe is the best business book of 2015, an honor that went to Kevin Ashton's How to Fly a Horse. The award was accepted by Kris Puopolo, Senior Editor of Doubleday Books. Next, our founder and former president Jack Covert stepped up to announce the award we give in his name every year to a person we feel has made a great lifetime achievemnet to business books. I think we all knew would go to Portfolio publisher Adrian Zackheim someday, and it did this year.

Thanks again to everyone who came to the party, and to all those that couldn't make it but that we've worked with in the past year. And now it's back to work to make 2016 even better yet!


All Photos by Dylan Schleicher


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