February 6, 2013

News & Opinion: Seth Godin Live in Orange County! and Other Behemoth Tales

By: Michael @ 7:21 PM – Filed under: Marketing & Sales

Marketers, entrepreneurs, artists, and everyone else are flocking to sunny Costa Mesa, California in anticipation of a rare and breathtaking Seth Godin appearance on Friday, March 15th. This event is scheduled to run from 6:30 to 8pm, and doors will open at 5pm for a special networking and book-signing session. Entry is $85, which includes two copies of The Icarus Deception and one copy of V is for Vulnerable, which will be mailed to your home prior to the event, courtesy of 800-CEO-READ. This event is limited to 1000 entrants.

What do you need to do to gain access to this once-in-a-lifetime event? Luckily, you're already half way there (i.e. you are reading this blog post). Now simply go register (you're almost there!). And of course, if you have any questions relating to the details of the event, you can contact the event organizer, Bryan Elliott. If you're a risk-taker and you don't want to register in advance, tickets will be available at the door, but again, the event is limited to 1000, and door tickets do not include the books.

Register to see Seth Godin live in Orange County on March 15th.
Limited to 1000


Oh no, you can't make it to Orange County in March?! We're heartbroken, but we understand. Fortunately, Seth has something else in store for you. Something big. Something BEHEMOTH. This special offer goes by the name Supersneezer Deluxe, and it includes a 10-pack of standard books: two copies V is for Vulnerable and eight copies The Icarus Deception. Right now you're thinking, "ten books is a lot," but guess what: the deal is actually for eleven (11) books. The eleventh book is none other than Seth's very limited, enormous 800-page book (see photo). The price-tag on this 11-book bundle is $185, a chunk of which will go toward a $10,000 donation Seth is making to the Acumen Foundation. To buy the bundle and for even more details, visit the bundle page.

This Supersneezer Deluxe bundle is strictly limited to 300, and folks, as of this posting, THEY'RE NEARLY GONE. You might want to hurry!

Buy the Supersneezer Deluxe bundle.
Limited to 300


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