April 26, 2006

News & Opinion: Some eye candy.

By: Dylan Schleicher @ 1:45 PM – Filed under: Management & Workplace Culture

Just wanted to let you know that the new ChangeThis manifestos are up. Here's some info:
Manifesto 1
The Simplicity Cycle
By Dan Ward
Dan Ward succinctly shows us that increased complexity does not inherently equal increased goodness and instructs us on how to walk that fine line while still innovating.
Check it out.
Click here to download the PDF.
Manifesto 2
Vanished: Where has the Service Gone?

By Michael Chaffin
Michael Chaffin observes that customer transactions have lost all the remarkability that used to come with great customer service. The key to reigniting passion and excellence, he says, is to hire great people and get out of their way!
Check it out.
Click here to download the PDF.
Manifesto 3
Citizen Innovator

by Erik Von Hippel
Von Hippel shows us that across many industries, information technology especially, users are the best minds to influence change and advancement. User innovation benefits all and in his manifesto, Von Hippel shows us why.
*This manifesto was adapted from the first chapter of Democratizing Innovation.
Check it out.
Click here to download the PDF.
Even more reading material:
Yesterday I posted an excerpt from Shelf Life, about the MAJERS company and how it helped Pepsi compete with Coke in retail. Check it out here.

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